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How to disable automatic user syncing with Wordpress

I'm helping this music school that uses Woocommerce, which creates a WordPress user for each customer that registers. And that's screwing with their civi workflows. Civi users get created without any ...
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WordPress group sync - after migrating from Drupal

I'm migrating my site from Drupal to WordPress, and could use some advice about how to handle syncing between CiviCRM groups (not members) and WordPress groups. I guess the first question is: how do I ...
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Syncing CIVI CRM and Mailchimp

Has anyone synced CIVI CRM with a mailchimp account? I work for a membership organisation and we need CIVI to track the data of our members and stay in control of our subscribe and unsubscribe lists. ...
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Joomla 2 CiviCRM User Sync: synching Community Builder multi-value custom fields?

looking for some suggestions on best practice implementation for synching external data to CiviCRM custom data. I'm using the Joomla 2 CiviCRM User Sync plugin to sync my Joomla 3.9.24 user ...
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Drupal 8 version of CiviVRM Membership Roles Sync?

Is there a Drupal 8 version of the CiviCRM Membership Roles Sync module, or is one planned? I can't see it, or any opportunity to configure an equivalent facility.
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4 votes
1 answer

Issues with Civi Member Sync and Groups Plugin

I have the latest CiviCRM and Wordpress installed. I've got the latest Groups plugin for Wordpress (, and the CiviCRM Wordpress Member Sync plugin (https://...
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1 answer

Can multiple websites be synchronized under the same CRM installation

I am very new to CiviCRM so I'm sorry if this sounds silly. I want to ask if you can install the CRM on one website, but manage/gather/synchronize the activities from another one. As an idea, I will ...
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Building the equivalent of a webhook for certain CiviCRM events

I posted this in the Mattermost Town Square, but was encouraged to post the question here also: Good afternoon. I'm wondering if CiviCRM can produce a "changes stream" or fire off a webhook ...
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WordPress: Creating new WP Users from CiViCRM Contacts

My situation is I have an Individual database of 11,344 Contacts in Drupal Civi, and I want to turn them all into WP Users. I know I can convert Users into Contacts, but I want to do it the other way ...
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Any new functionality to sync smart groups to Drupal roles?

When last I checked CiviGroup Roles Sync did not work with Smart Groups. Has this changed with later versions (I'm on 5.17). There were some workarounds discussed back in 2017.
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