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ERROR Class 'CRM_Search_Upgrader' not found since upgrading to 5.45.1 Joomla

When I try to navigate to "system status" nothing shows up now after upgrading to 5.45.1. I get a blank screen. When I select "administrator" then select "extensions" I ...
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What is a jailed shell and should I use one for my hosted site?

Say I am using a hosted site on Bluehost or a2 or another hosting platform which runs cPanel. I'm being required to use a 'jailed shell'. What is a jailed shell and should I use one? I found some ...
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My site goes to maintenance mode spontaneously

My site goes to maintenance mode spontaneously almost every day. I am advised by users. Everything works fine when I put it out of maintenance mode. Any explanation is welcome (Drupal 7.59 / ...
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Mailer Settings - Method Not Implemented

The mailer settings page does not display. Method Not Implemented GET to /fun/wp-admin/admin.php not supported. Additionally, a 501 Method Not Implemented error was encountered while trying to use an ...
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LTS requirements?

4.6.x is the LTS version, right? Previously, before the documentation was "upgraded" I could switch to previous versions and see what their system requirements were. Now I only see "latest", which I ...
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