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Cursor moving to bottom of page

I moved my civiCRM (5.59.3) to a new hosting site. Now, when entering the first name of a new contact the cursor goes to the bottom of the page rather than the next data box. Is there a way to control ...
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Know the change made in the Change History

I can see the history of the people who have modified the contact and when they did it, but... How do I know what this change is? For an administrator it is important to know what modifications were ...
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'Extensions' menu item is missing

I run two installations of CiviCRM. Both on Wordpress. Both CiviCRM version 5.54.1, php version 8.1.1. Both on the same server. Today I noticed that on one of the installations, the 'Extensions' menu ...
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How to find which email address my system emails come from

Here's a question with what might be an embarrassingly simple answer. Somehow, unsubscribe or opt-out confirmation emails from our system are being sent from an email from a gmail address. We're using ...
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What is a jailed shell and should I use one for my hosted site?

Say I am using a hosted site on Bluehost or a2 or another hosting platform which runs cPanel. I'm being required to use a 'jailed shell'. What is a jailed shell and should I use one? I found some ...
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Should I use cPanel on my server?

If I am using a hosting provider like Bluehost, or a2, should I also use cPanel ? cPanel is an admin interface and what looks like a handy utility for administering my server. Are there advantages and ...
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Where is the Detailed Logging setting stored?

I am attempting to turn on detailed logging for a site (Administer -> System Settings -> Misc (Undelete, PDFs, Limits, Logging, Captcha, etc.), the Logging option. When I save the change, I'm ...
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