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Can I create a custom System Workflow Message for a particular Contribution Page?

I need to create a custom system workflow message for Contributions - Receipt (on-line) that will be used instead of the default template when a particular contribution page is used. I already ...
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CKEditor can only edit user driven message templates

If I edit a user driven message template, then CKEditor works nicely. If I try to edit a system message template, the template fills only into a textarea, without CKEditor. Since it's done as site ...
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How do I use Table Cell Separator when creating Thank You letters?

Civi 4.6.18 using WordPress I am working on creating a year-end statement for donors with all their donations for this year on it. I am using the "Thank You letter" to do so. 1. I select Group by = ...
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Receipts for FL donors

The state of Florida, USA requires a special statement on contribution acknowledgements & receipts. I am trying to edit the online and offline workflow template so that it will include that ...
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Smarty does not display database fields

As a workflow message for a contribution confirmation, i use the following template. All values are displayed, except $financial_type_id and $source. Both stay empty in the output table. How come only ...
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