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Is it possible to paste with formatting in Mosaico?

I totally understand the benefit of plain pasting into Mosaico, but we have to quickly create an email with a ton of links and I simply want to copy, paste, but keep the formatting (bold, italics, etc)...
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Image cropping with TinyMCE in Mosaico

Does anyone have image editing enabled in Mosaico through TinyMCE? I assume it is possible through Mosaico Toolbar Configurator. Additionally, what would be truly wonderful is if there was a way to ...
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Cannot edit links (or source code directly) in Scheduled Reminders

Configuration: Wordpress 5.1.1, CiviCRM 5.10.3 We needed to edit a link in our Scheduled Reminders and discovered we can no longer do so. This is the behavior: We can edit these reminders just fine,...
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Is 'insert tokens' broken for TinyMCE when creating templates

Have shown this to be the case on 2 sites. First site reported the problem and were using TinyMCE. Second site was using CKEditor had no such problem. I then set their wysiwyg to TinyMCE and bingo ...
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Can TinyMCE 4.2.1 be installed under CiviCRM 4.1.5?

I have been attempting to install TinyMCE 4.2.1 as the default Drupal editor but have run into problems. I have posted separately on the TinyMCE forum about this. I am just wondering if anyone has ...
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