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"Abandoned" Ubercart orders marked as "completed" in CiviCRM

I'm using Drupal (7.38), CiviCRM (4.6.5), Ubercart (7.x-3.8) and Ubercart_CiviCRM (7.x-4.x-dev). Whenever a user (registered/anonymous) purchases a product from the site, a contribution will be added ...
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10 votes
4 answers

What is the most integrated Drupal 7 shopping cart for CiviCRM?

We want to have a shop that sells tshirts, mugs, etc. We want people to have an option of logging into CiviCRM at check-out, and to be able to view their shop orders through CiviCRM. I see there is ...
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CiviCRM, Ubercart, and donations through the shopping cart

I know that UC CiviCRM creates a "purchases" tab in the CiviCRM contact view that links purchases made through an Ubercart store. Is it possible to set the Financial Type per product in the Ubercart ...
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Migrating IPN's from Ubercart to Civicrm, OR syncing membership payments from Ubercart to membersips/contributions in Civi

This is a copy of this thread from the forum, since the forum is deprecated for answering questions. Similarly to this thread (see the above forum post for the link, I can't post it b/c of stack ...
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