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More friendly dashboard access denied message perhaps?

It is Wordpress page and Civi dashboard inserted via the shortcode[civicrm component="user-dashboard" hijack="1"] There are 3 components available at the "Display Preferences&...
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Menu bar editor: how to add a target="_blank"?

I need to add some external links to the menu bar and I want them to open in a new tab. I've unsuccessfully tried variations around Is this possible through the ...
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How to show a CSS class of a contribution form based on Stripe iFrame element via jquery?

I would like to add a jquery in my extension, as I enter the card details on the stripe, the submit button should show, otherwise hide. Since the new stripe element is served on an iFrame, I am ...
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Is there any developing activity to integrate Elementor and CiviCRM?

Probably many of you know Elementor, a powerful and high diffused page builder for the WordPress world. Elementor works having widgets, which realize tasks in shaping, db connections and dynamic ...
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Is there a function or extension that shows one view in a case containing the content of the Summary and Details fields of all activities

We are seeking to show, preferably in the management of a case not as a separate report, a list of the Summary and Details fields of all activities in a case. The goal is to promote the use of cases. ...
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Allow Website URL field without "http://" string

Is there a way to allow a user to input urls into the website field of a contact without adding http:// or https:// to the string? I can't find a way to change settings for this field. A number of ...
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Disable keyboard popup on select field entry -- ios

When a registrant clicks on our event fee block with field type "select", the keyboard pops up and can block the selection field (on mobile). Is there a way to keep the keyboard for activating on the ...
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How to automatically add contacts to a group that matches the ACL?

I've got ACLs set up. Certain users can only have access to contacts in a particular group. The problem is that when this user creates a contact they have to remember to add the contact to that group,...
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What is the contact ID of my own user record?

Often, when giving support, it's helpful to direct people to their own record. Is there a good way to find this? As a dev, I can use the techniques listed here, but I don't see a non-technical way ...
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Saving User Preferences

Does anyone know how I can turn off this improvement? Save user preferences for filtering Activities tab listings The requirement is to persist the ...
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Validate Drupal accounts after becoming a member?

In Drupal, our website is set up so that people must validate their accounts when they sign up for one. Normally, they are not able to access the "subscribe" page (for specific training content that ...
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How do I force a reload after a CiviCRM summary action?

In our CiviCRM instance, the value of a some contact custom field can be retrieved by calling an external API. So I implemented hook_civicrm_summaryActions. If the user clicks on a custom action I ...
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Multi-country use?

Our organization has a branch in the US and one in Canada. Can we use Civi for both combined and just filter info by country? For example, entering donor info in Canadian currency, then our Canadian ...
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How to a create custom field that is multi-line text or text area?

I want to create a custom 'About Me' field for a web profile, but there doesn't appear to be anyway to make a text area or multi-line text custom field. I know I can set the field length to allow ...
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WYSIWYG Custom field Post Help text

Is there a way to have custom field Post Help text HTML formatted? Not even new lines are recognised and it makes the help text very difficult to read.
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Is there a setting to automatically Refresh Dashboard Data on a user login, or when returning to CiviCRM Home?

We're on Civi 4.6.17 and Drupal 7. I'm looking for a way for users to be able to select an option to be able to automatically Refresh Dashboard Data on login, or when returning to their CiviCRM ...
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What are ways to make CiviCRM more user-friendly for people who prefer spreadsheets?

Like many other organizations, I suspect, I work with great, dedicated organizers and other staff who prefer the relative speed and simplicity of creating and updating contact lists in spreadsheets ...
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