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intermittent file not writable error

CiviCRM 5.62.1 / Wordpress 6.2.2 I have an intermittent error on the version check action as part of my cron. It'll run fine for a couple of days, then fail, then run again. I suspect an over ...
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Where is the current version of CiviCRM stored for D8/D9 instances?

An upgrade of CiviCRM (D9) has resulted in this error/warning "Your database is marked with an unexpected version number: 5.45.4. The v5.45.3 codebase may not be compatible with your database ...
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CiviCRM old version

If an old version of CiviCRM is installed on my wordpress site, are there dangers to the website? eg security dangers, site malfunctioning etc. thank you
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Upgrade or Replace CiviCRM 4.7.31

We are using Wordpress 5.7. Our current CiviCRM version is 4.7.31. As of August 2020, CiviCRM event registration stopped working due to the Wordpress update. Now, we can not seem to process ...
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Wordpress CiviCRM site unusable after database upgrade from 5.4.0 to 5.5.1

I'm relatively new to CiviCRM and am trying to get a client set up with the platform. I like it overall, it seems much more usable than most I've touched in the past. All seemed to be going well ...
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Database in unexpected version (and we have no backup DB)

Applied the 5.3.2 patch to our WP site yesterday, and in so doing upgraded the database to 5.6.alpha1. After doing this, multiple components (Contributions, Events, Mailing) became unusable. Trying to ...
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Compatibility problem with Joomla 3.8.7 and Civicrm 5.0.1 that affects Cron

On my last question How to setup Cron in Civicrm- local server I found out Joomla.php is having problem. i used curl or cli to run cron both does not work, here are the errors: initial error require(...
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Not sure what to do with these errors on User Dashboard

I have wordpress redirect users that login to their User Dashboard. When I login as an administrator I always get the following error: Warning: file_get_contents(): https:// wrapper is disabled in ...
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Cannot install CiviCRM 4.7.21 on WordPress/Drupal

Wanting to do a clean install of CiviCRM, I thought I should use version 4.7.21. I am using a clean install of WordPress 4.8 with no other plugins. I get the error message below when I go to the ...
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How to update

There's a file which isn't up to date - it's missing a few betas, but most notably, it's missing CiviCRM 4.4.14. This is the source data for CiviMonitor, which ...
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