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Registrations Allowed From Pending From Wait List While Event Maximum Attendee Number Has Been Exceeded

Using pending from wait list allows a person to complete their registration using the special link in their Confirm Your Registration email while we are over an event maximum by a small number ...
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CiviEvent - On Waitlist will not Enable in Participant Status - Wordpress site - "Enable" word toggle greyed out - how to Enable?

Testing out CiviEvent. We whish to enable waitlists, but when we go to the Participant Status window, the line for "On Waitlist" and "Pending from Waitlist" are greyed out. Trying ...
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Question on Email Link sent to waitlisted participant

We had an event where we turned on the waitlisting feature and emails with the registration link were sent out to the correct participant when his participant status changed to "pending from ...
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Awaiting approval participant status message template

When requiring participant approval, it sends this email message. I would have thought it would have been in the system workflow messages under message templates. It is not. So where do I find this in ...
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Order processing waitlist participants

I'm experiencing that the persons on the waitlist gets offered a place in the wrong order. What I see is that the last person to register gets offered first. Which is of course backwards how I want it ...
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Waitlist feature and price set issue

When testing the waitlist feature for an event the ticket selections are greyed out and listed as sold out. The waitlist is dependent on the status and in my test scenario the max number of ...
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waitlist behaviour

I'm wanting to keep track of event attendance and in particular to distinguish between those who let us know at the last minute from the complete no-shows. With earlier cancellations I can use the "...
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Can a Drupal webform be used to create a waitlist registration?

I have a CiviCRM Event which allows waitlist registrations and handles them correctly within Civi - including sending emails when there is a cancellation. However, a Drupal webform used to enter ...
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Can I have a price set option add a registrant to the waitlist if the event isn't full?

I have what may be a tricky situation regarding registration and waitlists. We have an event where we have two potential types of registrants: residents of a jurisdiction and people who live outside ...
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Event Waitlist - Paid

Is possible to set a limit of say 20 participants for an event, have waitlist enabled and when people register for waitlist, they still have to pay like a normal registration? I couldn't see that and ...
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How to use waitlists with price sets that have registration limits?

I have built an event registration that uses price sets to set limits on the number of people who can register from certain audiences. Once these limits are reached it is currently responding "event ...
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