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Questions about the Webform CiviCRM Integration module for Drupal.

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Webform-civiCRM equivalent for Wordpress?

I'm new to CiviCRM and I have a colleague who's using it with Drupal and loving the Webform-CiviCRM integration. I myself use Wordpress and would like to be able to stay with Wordpress but I ...
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Can I use autocomplete to add users in a webform (they might be existing contacts)?

I want to provide a screen for users to add some information about contacts (including custom info). Some of the contacts will be existing contacts, but some will be new. An autocomplete box would be ...
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1 answer

Webform-CiviCRM and the "my billing address is the same" checkbox

On a core contribution page, if you add an address profile at the top of the page, a checkbox appears allowing the user to indicate that their billing address is the same: On a Webform-CiviCRM form, ...
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2 answers

Edit address using webform and views

Searched diligently before posting this but couldn't find an answer. I'm working on a webform/view combo to edit contact's addresses. I'm having trouble figuring out how to pass the location id in ...
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2 answers

How do I create a Webform that will open a case and assign case role

I'm trying to set up a webform to open a case and assign a case role. 3 contacts: Source, Client, Case Coordinator The open case part works great, but if I add the Case Coordinator relationship, ...
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7 answers

How to allow parents to register children but still record their own info

For class registrations, parents register their children, but they don't need to register themselves (because they won't be attending the class). Has anyone come up with a way to handle this, that ...
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4 answers

Adding a dynamic “cover processing fees” checkbox to CiviCRM contribution form

I've seen other systems that allow the donor to check a box to cover processing costs, similar to this: In researching whether something like this was possible with CiviCRM, this thread is the ...
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