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Questions tagged [webhook]

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0 votes
1 answer

Why does civicrm_postProcess hook does not pass certain parameters?

Only the "$formName" variable is getting supplied to the hook callback. Why are the rest of the variables listed in the documentation not getting supplied? add_action('civicrm_postProcess', '...
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0 answers

My URLs for contribute & member forms all automatically redirect the user to homepage, any help please?

There's not an obvious reason why this has begun happening as I carried out no changes to CiviCRM at all in the time between the last successful transaction (5 December) and the day I was alerted to ...
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GoCardless webhook not offered

I'm following these instructions: In CiviCRM, visit Administer » CiviContribute » GoCardless Webhooks. This page will show you the URLs that you need. The GoCardless Webhooks isn't available at this ...
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Webhooks/Callbacks in Joomla

This chunk of code requiring a session on a POST request causes call backs from various 3rd party providers to fail. It has an exception for payment IPNs (civicrm/payment/ipn). // check and ensure ...
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3 votes
1 answer

WordPress 5.5 'breaks' CiviCRM frontend pages without upgrade to 5.26+

The links in our renewal notifications stopped working following the automatic site upgrade to Wordpress 5.5 on Aug 11th. What happened is that the links just arrived at the 'Wordpress Base Page', in ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Building the equivalent of a webhook for certain CiviCRM events

I posted this in the Mattermost Town Square, but was encouraged to post the question here also: Good afternoon. I'm wondering if CiviCRM can produce a "changes stream" or fire off a webhook ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Do Stripe webhooks work for refunds issued via the Stripe website?

Webhooks are working fine for Stripe payments. Refunds issued for events that were cancelled are showing an error on the Stripe account. Should refunds issue calls to Civi for the transaction?
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