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CiviCRM/Wordpress Newsletters and eStores

I'm vetting a CiviCRM/Wordpress solution for a small non-profit org I'm volunteering for. I'm looking for confirmation of the limitations of the platform to better communicate what items on the wish-...
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WooCommerce prevents user from accessing CiviCRM menus

I have CiviCRM installed on WordPress. I have duplicated the wordpress Subscriber role (using Members plugin), and then I go to Administer > User and Permissions > Permissions (Access Control) &...
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WooCommerce & CiviCRM Integration

Can WooCommerce products be synced into CiviCRM Custom Fields? I tried creating checkboxes in CiviCRM under a custom field & they are not getting checked off when someone purchases something in ...
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How to set up membership-only downloads

So I want the following to happen: 1. web visitor registers for membership 2. after registering the member would have to "add a pdf to cart" and "check out" Is there a way on CiviCRM to set something ...
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wordpress woocommerce + civicrm integration points [duplicate]

I'm looking at wordpress + woocommerce + civicrm for a client. I'm quite familiar with all three, however not sure how they could best be integrated. Client is considering woocommerce for selling ...
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Are there public repos including WordPress WooCommerce and CiviCRM integration code?

On a WordPress / CiviCRM installation, we need to do a bunch of customization on its payment pages. We want to do it in WordPress since there are WordPress plugins that can help do things like ...
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