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Ncn-civi-zoom or ZoomZoom?

Exploring a possibility of integration. There are quite a lot of search results to read, however in 2023, which of the extensions has, in your opinion, smoother integration experience? It ...
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Zoom in Activities is it possible?

I have explored a bit about the possibility of integrating Zoom as a virtual meeting tool for CiviCRM Activities. It would be great to have a Zoom URL generator in CiviCRM's "Meeting" ...
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Anyone building or built - an API Call into Zoom to Add A Meeting Registrant

I have CIVI Events installed on my site and I am looking to integrate with Zoom /Meetings. With an Event Registration i want to take the Participant record. Post the information to Zoom API call ...
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Has any work been done to integrate Zoom and CiviCRM

Outcome would be something along the lines that an attendee of Zoom meeting (eg Zoom id 234) gets added as a participant to Event X (which would have a custom field with 234 in it to help link to Zoom ...
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