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Questions specific to CiviCRM installed on WordPress.
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Questions about CiviEvent, the built-in CiviCRM component which handles event management, payment, and registration. Questions which involve events for which online payments are accepted may also m…
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Questions about CiviCRM specific to its installation on Drupal.
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Questions about CiviContribute, the built-in CiviCRM component which handles fundraising and related financial transactions.
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Questions specifically about CiviCRM's mass mailings system CiviMail. For question about general mail related issues in CiviCRM use the tag *email*.
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a CiviCRM component for tracking and managing memberships. Tag question related to memberships.
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The central entity of the CiviCRM universe. Every other entity is connected in some way to a contact. Can be subdivided in individuals, organizations and households. New contact types can be configure…
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Questions about custom fields in CiviCRM.
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Questions about the Webform CiviCRM Integration module for Drupal.
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Questions about the CiviCRM API.
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Questions about the CiviCRM profiles system.
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packaged pieces of functionality that extend CiviCRM's out-of-the-box functionality, independent of the CMS platform.
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Questions about CiviCRM specific to its installation on Joomla. General questions about Joomla are off-topic but can be asked on Joomla Stack Exchange.
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Questions about mail related issues in CiviCRM. For question specifically about CiviCRM's mass mailings system use the tag *civimail*.
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Questions specifically about CiviCRM's reporting system, CiviReport.
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Questions related to civicrm upgrades or updates
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civicase identifies issues related to the CiviCase CiviComponent.
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CiviCRM's means of keeping track of all sorts of interactions with contacts: e-mails, meetings, donations, event attendance, etc.
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Groups categorise contacts and make it possible to treat them as a cohesive unit. Groups are the base for mailing lists and access control.
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Questions about CiviCRM's integration with the Views module in Drupal.
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having trouble completing the initial installation of CiviCRM on Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress. If you encounter problems while using the system, use tags that…
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Relationships link different contacts or organisations with each other. The are listed in a contacts `Relationships` tab.
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a person with the technical IT skills to change the code base of CiviCRM. Preferably s/he knows about PHP, SQL, HTML and Javascript.
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a server-side scripting language designed primarily for web development. CiviCRM is written in PHP.
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for questions about preventing, finding, and merging duplicate contacts. This includes composing duplicate matching rules, using the dedupe system, strategies for preventing false matche…