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I can see that the getAllPermissions() method is present, so if you're getting a "call to undefined method" error you very likely have either an extension or a customization that's overriding the file <civiroot>/CRM/Event/BAO/Event.php. Turn on debugging and backtrace (Administer menu » System Settings » Debugging and Error Handling) and this error ...


Here's a timely answer I just got from Eileen McNaughton. "Contactlayouteditor 1.4.1 is compatabile with the latest apiv4 - so try upgrading that as well (it has been marked as needing CiviCRM 5.11 as that is the one that ships with the latest apiv4)" So better to wait for 5.11 before upgrading this extension?


These are fields that have been phased out. Deleting these reports and creating them anew from the core report templates will have solved the problem.

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