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Try changing the file CRM/Mailing/BAO/Mailing.php on line 336 from: $query = $query->from('acl', $aclFrom); to: $query = $query->from('aclContactCache', $aclFrom);


Another route to consider - add some custom fields to your Event entity, then you can put the url in to those fields, then you can set up a Sch Reminder that is using a token for the custom field, and bingo, each participant gets sent the links to the right document. Very light/easy solution. but i may still not have quite grasped the requirement :-) (note ...


I do this with our community, but we use Drupal and create an "organic group" for each event. We did some investigating of what it would take to migrate off Drupal and onto Wordpress, and group functionality was one of the difficult points. In Wordpress, the closest I have found to this is the Group plugin. You could create a group for each event. Then ...


I would use the CiviRules extension, you could structure it something like - if registered participant of 'X' event, send email of 'X' template. With this you could just create an email template for each event within Civi with the links you would like them to access and it would automatically send to anyone who registers for the event.


Welcome empiguet. I do not use WP so much and I may not quite follow your workflow but I think you would need to do something as follows - if person registers then add to Smart Group - if in Smart Group, then set specific WP role (this may need an extra extension, i don't know if WP offers it, i do know Drupal does so an equivalent may exist) - set up WP ...

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