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With CiviCRM Entity, there is a Drupal form for editing activities /civicrm-activity/[activity-id]/edit Unfortunately the form does not limit to only those custom fields that are appropriate for the activity type. In the past, we had done hook_form_alter() implementation in custom module to hide custom fields depending on activity type. This feature to only ...


I added a case to the webform and passed the case1 id via the URL. I made sure the Case Type was "User Select" so CiviCRM does not expect to have case roles added, except for the case client. This was critical. When I selected a case type, the activity kept getting added instead of updated. I passed the case client CID as a hidden contact on the ...


The logged in user doen't have permission to view the activity. Does the activity type belong to Case? Or Non-Contact component? Do the user have edit all contact permission?

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