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Yes you can use the API CSV extension to import new events. Here is a good guide to do so:


The entity is called UFGroup, and UFField for the fields. The naming is historical. The Profile entity is used to do something equivalent to filling out and submitting a profile form on the front end.


CRM.api3('StateProvince', 'get', { "sequential": 1, "return": ["name",""], "options": {"limit":0} }) UPDATE: I haven't tried this but Lodash v3 is loaded on most civi pages so you might be able to use filter or forEach to combine the results of the above with the countryLimit ...


type is the data type - eg Integer, String, Boolean. If you use APIv4 Contact.getfields returns data_type with more obvious strings. For example: "data_type": "Integer" "data_type": "String",

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