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Not found "Create Add new " option in the Current Employer field if the org name typing

From the documentation: If you want to force the user to submit only a value from the list (or leave to leave it blank), thereby preventing the user from creating new organization records, set ...
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With Worpress and theme Divi some field types of profile can't work

Problem solved turning off some javascripts in the Divi options. This is switch is a very good thing.
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Create a report export with different field name for first and last name - e.g. First Name field would export as FirstName

If it is about changing the column header, you can use searchkit, Display the results as a Table Include all the fields as the column you want in the exported file. Rename the column name as per your ...
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Add New Organization Option to Public Autocomplete Extension

The issue could be that you have to set the "access AJAX API" permission for the relevant roles
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error (infinite loop ?) when using formbuilder + autofill + autocomplete existing user

That was indeed a bug in FormBuilder. Multiple bugs in fact. I've fixed them all in this PR: You can help by reviewing the PR, you'll find ...
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Search Preferences set a custom Profile quick search - autocomplete fields drop down stops working. This is Why!

There is a fix at, also with an upgrade script to fix any broken values in the database.
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