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There is no clear policy for this. But it is good to put CiviCRM behind a firewall/VPN. That way you can only access civicrm if your ip address is allowed. For connecting external websites/application you can then use CiviProxy. This way CiviCRM and your data are secure, no matter whether your CiviCRM installation has securty issues. My personal advice is ...


Since folks who have already unsubscribed aren't in the smart group, I would simply search for members of the smart group, add them to group "Events and Invitations", add them to group "Monthly E-Newsletter", and delete the smart group.


You can set a datepicker's default value in the setDefaultValues() method of the form. Here is a snippet of code that sets a date to today if none exists, and to a saved date if it does: if (empty($data['thank_you_date'])) { $defaultValues['thank_you_date'] = date('Y-m-d'); } else { $defaultValues['thank_you_date'] = $data['...

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