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So it would be an error in bookkeeping, not a fix, to omit some bookkeeping entries. For code maintenance and simplicity the implementation creates these transactions whenever there may be required bookkeeping entries. If an organisation happens to use the same financial account for credit cards and cheques the extra entries do not result in accounting ...


I use Xero with the CiviXero integration extension


There is probably a bug in storing the settings for this option, which prevents it from having any effect. See also here.


Here is what we have done. This works with iATS and using Price Sets (Line Items). Not sure how other payment processors group their deposits. Because iATS does deposits based on these 3 divisions--ACH, Discover, MasterCard/Visa. Instead of just having 2 payment instruments Credit Card & ACH, I created a new one "Discover" and changed the current Credit ...


This is not an iATS Payments extension issue. Payment Processors like iATS Payments process the total amount - the details of how the total amount was arrived at - are within CiviCRM. CiviCRM stores the line items in the the civicrm_line_item table it contains an entity reference to the civicrm_contribution table -> which has the trxn_id (Transaction ID). ...

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