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There's now an extension for this, with a couple additional features:


Silly of me. I forgot about the very clever and granular way that CiviCRM is built. Just creating a new Activity Type was not enough to have it activated in the right CiviCase. After creating a new Activity Type (either Task or Communication), we must add these new Activities to the right Case Type that can be customised. And voilĂ , it's set !


At this link it says send an email to It also says you can hire any of the experts. On the particular civicase issue there are a couple tangled up issues with closed cases ( but maybe this one (which is listed in there) could be dealt with without getting too ...


From your backtrace it looks like, you have a activity of type payment or refund that is suppose to have link to contribution in civicrm_activity.source_record_id which is unfortunately set as NULL.


At administer - civicase - civicase settings there's a setting for Enable Embedded Activity Revisions. The civicase extension suggests turning that off and instead using administer - system settings - misc - logging. Migrating 10 log records probably isn't worth it, and the revisions setting hasn't worked properly in the UI for a few years now anyway so you ...

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