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Finally it is working! Two where important: Disable "Enforce Permissions" for the contact field in the webform config, filled with a default value. Look out for the field "Update Existing Case" on the CiviCRM tab. It was set to a case status value, so it would change an existing case. Many thanks to @AndyClark and @RayWright!


All the screenshots are super helpful. I think because you have set it to be a static contact but did not tell it which contact, you are seeing an issue. Can you place the ID number of the desired case manager in the Contact (Kontakt) field right below "Set default contact from: Specified Contact"? To test that it's working, you might turn on ...


CiviCase might be overkill. Maybe if you had several steps involved with each alumni outreach and wanted to track those steps separately but count the number of outreaches as a whole, but otherwise just one or two regular activities should do it? Or CiviCampaign with a survey.


You could try changing this line in activityhours.php from: if ($formName == 'CRM_Activity_Form_Activity' && !CRM_Utils_Request::retrieveValue('snippet', 'String')) { to if (($formName == 'CRM_Activity_Form_Activity' || $formName == 'CRM_Case_Form_Activity') && !CRM_Utils_Request::retrieveValue('snippet', 'String')) { You'd probably also have ...

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