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Custom Data Fields not showing on Case Print Report

It seems something changed and is now case-sensitive. This fixes it for me: It's a one-letter change in CRM/Case/XMLProcessor/Report.php on line 962. ...
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SearchKit table display link is missing URL parameter

I'm not really sure how you created the first one but first make sure Case Clients is one of the table joins in your search criteria, and then in the dropdown instead of Zeige Fall choose "Other.....
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DB Error: constraint violation on changing case status

It turned out that the client ID in the case view is missing. That's because the case view is opened from SearchKit table which has a linked column "Case-ID". That link URL is generated by ...
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Link contribution to case

Welcome to CiviCRM Stackexchange, Might this extension help Alternatively, you can create a Custom field for the case as a Contribution ...
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