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This ^^ was the answer for me regarding civicrm apiv3 get contacts limit. This is why I wish people would quit documenting so heavily in proprietary languages like php that do weird stuff to your payload. If you're writing docs for an http api and if you're going to write it in multiple languages anyway, please for the love of god make one of them the HTTP ...


Craig - it's worse than that: creating two reports with 'Yes' & 'No' will still not give you all the cases if they don't have relationships. See and the related PR.

1 You can work around it by changing this line: from if (empty($params['status_id']) && ($type == 'upcoming' || $type == 'any')) { to if (empty($params['status_id']) && ($type == 'upcoming')) { but that might cause ...


The print report link on manage case might satisfy the need to see a comprehensive list in a view. It's not editable though.

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