Add the following to your wp-config.php file: define( 'CIVICRM_WP_PROFILE_SYNC_BULK', true ); Then select some contacts and use the “Actions” dropdown to “Create WordPress Users from Contacts”.


It depends on what you are trying to do. If you want the complete removal of the contact, together with related entities (like address, activities, event participations etc.), then permanently deleting the contact will delete all the associated entities. If you just want to remove the change log for that 1 contact without deleting the contact, you can run a ...


There is no {elif} in smarty. Use {elseif}.


I assume Civi trims whitespace on both sides of first name and last name before saving into the database. Are you saying if there is a space before and after names dedupe rule doesn't work? If so than its a core bug. Have just created a PR for the fix. If you saying the first name entered is 'Pradeep k' with a space between two words than i don't think its ...

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