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So I figured out the real problem is that I created a build using mysql_ram_disk instead of mysql_dsn in amp config- meaning the mysql database is in RAM, and of course disappears when I turn off my laptop :) .


It's a little bit hard to answer without more info but generally the ram disk isn't going to save your data unless you do something extra, so it's more useful for one-off tests or something where you need speed over permanence, like running unit tests (which it mentions in the readme). I don't use buildkit since I'm on windows but I do switch over to a ...


I encountered the same error, setting up buildkit and then running amp config and amp test on Ubuntu 19.04. What I figured out was that I too had initially chosen 0 for perm_type when running amp config. I changed the perm_type value to linuxAcl and chose www-data as the web user. Using those values then allowed me to successfully run amp test.


So, duh. I haven't totally figured out the problem - now I'm getting this - SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused but the Access denied issue was a simple fix, i.e., use chmod. See "How to Run MySQL as a Normal User" at .

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