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4 votes

Drupal 9/10: How to create Event Location + Events using CiviCRM Entity

seems doable using Steps I followed was: Enable Location Block, Address & Event Entities in CiviCRM Entity Settings page. Ensure module weight ...
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3 votes

Retrieving Contact information with API4 Inside the module

Try changing \Civi\Api4\Contact::get(TRUE) to \Civi\Api4\Contact::get(FALSE) The TRUE/FALSE parameter is a short-hand for checkPermissions. The default in Api4 is that permissions are checked but you ...
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3 votes

Api get all option within sub entity

The best way to learn how to use the API is the Api Explorer which is built into CiviCRM (find it in the Support -> Developer menu. It will write the following code for you: $optionValues = \Civi\...
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3 votes

Drupal 9 View unable to display logged in User

As per the comment by jackrabbithanna, the solution in this case is to give the civicrm database user SELECT rights on the Drupal Database. I think it is an odd solution given the way I thought Views ...
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2 votes

Can I use Drupal 10 Search API?

You can use Search API with CiviCRM Entity If you have CiviCRM tables in a separate database than Drupal tables, you need this PR:
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1 vote

How to integrate Razorpay in civicrm?

I think the Omnipay one does also support Razorpay
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1 vote

Custom views filter with civicrm_entity Drupal 9

After I dig a little bit deeper into views and view some other examples - now it works: if (!empty($this->value)) { $this->ensureMyTable(); // to get the tableAlias $configuration = [ '...
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1 vote

Getting aggregation to work in D9/D10 Views with CiviCRM relationships

It's grouping by civicrm_contact_civicrm_participant__civicrm_value_contact_c_1 which is the custom field row id, but it's not being group_concat'd in the select. So it's going to have a row for each ...
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1 vote

how to disable passport generate document option in civicrm in users profile

You can remove the Access CiviOffice permission, assuming they don't need to use CiviOffice otherwise.
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