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unable to change selections for participant registrations

Attempted to replicate on dmaster. Click through to change selection gives me this url ...
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Event PCP IDs mismatch in the civicrm_pcp_block table

A temporary band-aid:in the "civicrm_pcp_block" table, find the block corresponded with the event and manually change the "target_entity_id" from "contribute" to "...
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Sending emails to group promoting a event using CiviMail

If you send to Participants of an event (rather than Contacts) then tokens about the event are available. So if you had an invite list you could look at creating a new not-counted participant status ...
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In CiviEvent, can the answer to one question reveal additional questions?

This feature is called "conditional visibility". Standard CiviEvent registration does not have this feature. There are several ways to accomplish this, but unfortunately most aren't really ...
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Bulk Delete Repeating Events

Navigate to events >>> event templates, find the template you used to create the child items. In the templates-table, you see a href showing the number of child items linked to the parent ...
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Error "Property 'currency' has not been set." when using 'Submit Credit Card Event Registration' in Civi backend

A proposed fix has just been written. Can you please check and give feedback on
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unable to load template for CiviEvent Event Management

Upgrade the extension CiviVolunteer and Angular profiles to latest.
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How Can I Get SearchKit to Display Upcoming Events

The search you have created in the screenshot shows events which are running currently i.e event start date is <= today and event end date is null or >= today To show upcoming event I would use ...
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Event registration page formatting

This is (probably) CiviCRM being a bit retro in how it thinks forms should display. If your other forms are not doing this, then you'll probably notice that this behavior only happens with a wider ...
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Event registration page formatting

This is controlled by your WordPress theme. If this site is only for CiviCRM, you can try changing your theme to something that looks nicer. If not, you will need to make CSS edits in your theme.
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CiviEvent iCal download for some users is in Central time when we expect it to be in Eastern time

Our Drupal installation was, unbeknownst to me, set to Central (Chicago) time. This didn't affect me as a registered user because I had previously set my timezone to Eastern (New York) so the .ics ...
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CiviEvent iCal download for some users is in Central time when we expect it to be in Eastern time

@valerie can you amend your question to include the correct timezone for your Event and also what timezone is set in your CMS? CiviCRM will use the CMS timezone when generating these files and if that'...
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