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Do you have pid supplied as param in cancel/transfer url? Does the requested participant has event id attached? Does this error is consistent?


I would use content views wordpress plugin along with content views civicrm integration plugin and data processor civi extension to list what you want.


It looks like this is a side-effect of a custom Module we have installed for something else (still related to Events). Consider this question closed.


This varies but is configurable. If you go to Administer menu > System Settings > Scheduled Jobs you'll see a job called Send Scheduled Reminders. It will also say what time the job was last run. It will run 24 hours from the last time it was run. You can edit the job to force it to run next at a given time. It will then run 24 hours from when it was ...


I would look in your Stripe dashboard at "Events" (found under the "Developer" section of the navigation menu). You're likely to find an event associated with the failure with an error message in its details. Also, errors on your end are much more likely to be in the CiviCRM log than the Drupal log.


Do you have CMS integration set in your system? You need to have default page or post in WordPress and have it set in CMS integration


The feature you're referring to is called the "Contact Dashboard", and it's accessible from in Drupal and Backdrop, not sure about WordPress. You can add/remove sections from it at Administer menu » Customize Data and Screens » Display Preferences. It doesn't allow self-service cancellations, but I wrote the ...


daveawe12323, welcome to stack exchange civicrm. There are two ways of sending notification to user Send Event receipt. When you edit the participant using backend participant form, you should see 'Send confirmation' option. When checked the participant will receive receipt about the event having details of event and payment. But no activity will recorded ...


I wouldn't say its a bug, rather missing feature. The schedule reminder UI also allows to update the reminder to include more events(for reminder which was configured from events tab) so it is additional discussion to delete the reminder if its only used for deleted event or disable it so that we maintain the log history if incase any reminder was sent for ...

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