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According to this comment in the PR it has been fixed since version 5.29. Not in the codebase directly, but with a composer patch to the pear mail_mime package. It wraps the email content after 750 characters.


I think you should check out the draft mailing url. If you are on the saved drafts page (/civicrm/mailing/browse/unscheduled?reset=1&scheduled=false). You can copy the link behind the continue button. It looks like this: /civicrm/mailing/send?mid=1&continue=true&reset=1 So there is a mid parameter that points (i think) to a message id. If you ...


You probably want mb_strtoupper. Smarty's |upper just does strtoupper - you can see this if you look in packages/smarty/plugins/modifier.upper.php. So one way is to hack modifier.upper.php and change it to use mb_strtoupper. You can also try using {$last_name|@mb_strtoupper} but it might give you a security error.


If i understand you well, you have a mosaico mailing originated from a given base template. And you want to use that mailing as a base template. If this is the case, you can do this with defining a custom mosaico base template. The most relevant steps for this are written in the answer of this question: Create customized "block" in Mosaico I hope ...

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