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Fuzion token {latestcurrentmembership.end_date} blank in scheduled reminder based on membership - works in mailings. Alternative?

I used a workaround which gives the same result. Because the reminder triggers based on the expiration date, I plugged in a Smarty snippet that will match the expiration and created new templates to ...
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Cleaning up legacy contributions so that renewals happen as expected

This is not a fun task, but at least I made a tool to make it pretty. If you install Uh-Oh troubleshooting extension it includes a diagnosis page at Support » Map Contributions which lets you specify ...
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Extend CiviCRM template in Extension

Not sure if it's a path problem or anything else, but in case of, it seems that CiviCRM manages only one .extra.tpl file per template. If another extension adds an extra template, it can override ...
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prevent / ban a member from renewing

I, too, thought what Andy suggested should work, but if it doesn't on your end, you could try this extension:
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error creating Membership : Mandatory key(s) missing from params array: membership_id

If you have "Admin only" membership types, this stops the ability to create contribution and membership record. Change the membership types to "Public" as a workaround. Using ...

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