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This question is similar to Send or print membership invoices Renewal Invoices for Memberships is a new CiviCRM extension designed to solve this problem. Please see


I upvoted Zachary's answer, but I felt conflicted. I do NOT recommend importing directly to MySQL, because you end up bypassing validation logic and could create corrupt discounts. However, their suggestion of the API CSV Import GUI is a good one, and the one I'd recommend. If you're not sure what the values should be for your various columns, go to ...


It might be possible to import the codes directly into the database using a tool like PHPMyAdmin with the proper formatting. The table which contains your codes is 'cividiscount_item'. It contains 18 fields. If you were able to generate a code in CiviDiscount which defined the same usage limits/rules, you could essentially use that as a 'template' for the ...


The "external identifier" field on contact records is available so you don't need a custom field. It won't allow duplicates.


The QR Code Checkin Extension does (some of) that: ?


Welcome to Stack Exchange! By default, the postal address doesn't appear on the badges. You need to go to Administer menu » CiviEvent » Event Name Badge Layouts to customize what's displayed.


It might not be a membership type but just a price list - if you go to Contributions - Manage Contribution Pages and then on the far right of the table click on Configure, one of the choices is Contribution Amounts. You might see these "-old" ones listed in there. Or if it is a real membership, it might be a price set which you'd see in the same place but on ...


I'm guessing Twilio is one of the cheapest and you're already set up with them, but if you'd consider RingCentral at about 1.7c/page which is reasonable then you can still keep Twilio for other things and just use RingCentral's email-to-fax plan. So you'd add an email address on your contact records something like, and then use it the ...

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