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It might involve both an event and a campaign. You can set up a campaign with a financial goal, etc. and then create an event for the dinner itself that is tied to that campaign. If you're using Backdrop or Drupal you can use Webform CiviCRM to set up a registration form that allows entry of both contacts, flexible webform-style payment options, and can ...


There's a field called "capacity" on the event income summary report. Is that what you're looking for?


To view developer tab for the report the user will need 'CiviReport: view report sql' permission. This is new permission added in recent version of CiviCRM for broader access control. You can set permission by navigating to CiviCRM >> Administer >> Users and Permissions >> Permissions (Access Control) >> WordPress Access Control HTH Pradeep


You can use Recurring Contributions(CiviCRM >> Reports >> Contribution Reports) report to see all the recurring contribution setup in the system. You can also use Extended report extension where it gives more reports for recurring.

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