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In addition to Pradeep's answer, some folks will use a third-party business intelligence (BI) tool to achieve this. Google Data Studio, Tableau and Pentaho Data Suite are all viable options. However, this often requires advanced configuration, and just shifts the programming burden from CiviCRM/PHP to the BI tool.


There is an extension that provides a report to do this https://github.com/MegaphoneJon/org.cpehn.subscriptionhistory that does this.


Under custom searches there is a search you can use for date range of subscription to a group. You could then create a smart group from the results if needed. Its called "Search Group Subscription by Date Range"


I did this by using CiviCRM hooks (BuildForm). ($form == CRM_Core_Action::ADD) { $currentDate = date('d/m/Y'); for ($i = 1; $i < 10000; $i++) { $defaults['custom_197_-' . $i] = $currentDate; $form->updateElementAttr('custom_197_-'. $i,array('readonly')); } $form->setDefaults($defaults); ...


This is now possible with the Extended Reports extension, which you can install from the in-app extension explorer. You'll need to rebuild your report in the corresponding Extended Report template. Click the Advanced Report Configuration link to reorder columns. It's also possible with the ReportPlus extension, which I haven't used yet.

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