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This may take you part way towards what you are looking for


You can use the Civi Bartik Public Theme for Drupal/CiviCrm. The theme has some configuration as to change colors, logo etc...


It does look like it's a drupal page using webform, according to the page source. But I don't see anything in the source referring to civicrm. But, since it uses webform, you might be able to create something similar with the civicrm_webform module.


I don't think there is any way to do this within CiviCRM as it stands. But someone else seems to have similar ideas and may be thinking of developing an extension to do this. See By the way, I don't see any evidence to suggest that ACLU are using CiviCRM.


We published a small extension that makes it easy to display the progress bar directly on the same contribution page: contributeprogress. The has more details, but the short version is that once this extension is enabled, you can enable the widget and tweak a few colours. The widget will be displayed directly on the contribution page. Not all of ...


I found out by accident, or trial and error really, that if I select a Price Set in the 'Contribution Page' -> 'Membership Tab' then the new user is not created, but If I do NOT select a 'Price Set' and just the 'Membership Type', then the Backdrop User is created. Now to get that to assign the correct Role is the next task.

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