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Base page shown instead of contribution page to public users

This may be a permalinks issue - if you are a wordpress and CiviCRM user - go to your permalinks page (settings, permalinks) and simply let it load - if you would like, you can also click save changes ...
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Is it possible to have webform-civicrm allow 'user select' for the Contribution page so user can select Currency?

Or is there another way to offer 'currency' directly? On latest Webform CiviCRM 6.x, you get an option to select currency directly from Contribution Tab
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How do I automatically check the autorenewal option by default on a membership contribution page?

For a site using CiviCRM profiles you can opt to use Joinery's Profile Conditionals extension and adapt the conditions to which you want this behavior to occur. For it be checked with any price field ...
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Populate a Contribution form custom field from a URL parameter

You can do something like below you can use API4 to get the exact machine names civicrm/api4#/explorer/CustomField/get?select=%5B"id"%5D&where=%5B%5B"name","%3D",&...
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