Sometimes its possible to change the field type from UI, but it totally depends upon from what field type you want to convert to. An easy win would Single select to radio or vice versa(change the value in civicrm_custom_field) Multi select to checkbox or vice versa(change the value in civicrm_custom_field) If the change would involve data type like text to ...


The search on text field should be exact match. Are you searching by exact name? Hope so there isn't any space at the start or end of the string!


Its a known issue in CiviCRM and is logged at https://lab.civicrm.org/dev/core/-/issues/2706 Also CSV import extension don't support this(https://github.com/eileenmcnaughton/nz.co.fuzion.csvimport/issues/32). You can apply the below patch to work diff --git a/CRM/Activity/Import/Parser/Activity.php b/CRM/Activity/Import/Parser/Activity.php index a1d3cdfa8b.....

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