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This issue present on 5.25.0 Hover over the edit button to get the ssID. Delete the saved search entity if there is no mapping. This can be done by API/database. Agileware ref: SUP-18449


To clarify - the extension offers Editable Reports for Activities and Events - but not for Participants. Eg with the Events report you get fields like this Another option would be to try Drupal Views and Views Bulk Operations. I am pretty sure we have made it work for an 'event register' ie have a list of folk who are Invitees, ...


how about using apiwrapper hook and throwing exception?


The answer posted by Kainuk sounds like a bug in civicrm. After it is fixed and still the "clear" option is not visible, make sure the custom field is not set to "Required". Required custom fields do not have the clear option displaying on the radio custom field.


The difference is in the definition. The color field has the Options Per Line set. This has as a side-effect that it disables the clear box (and the change options wrench). Clearing this field makes the clear option return.


The Contact Form 7 integration basically takes all fields from the form and sends the data to CiviCRM. So basically you have 2 options when creating forms: Use one of the standard CiviCRM API calls, and make sure the fields on your form are named as required by the API call Develop an extension with your own API calls and use those (with the field names) on ...

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