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Thinking out loud...... create an extension with perhaps an API that accepts a contact_id as a param and returns the oldest membership start date assuming you know in advance what the member since should be you could use the buildForm hook to change the value (using the API or doing the calculation in a a specific class) alternatively add a little jQuery (...


How immediately do you need this field's value to be set? If it can be delayed, I'd probably do this as a cron script that loops through all that aren't set yet and then sets its value. I'm assuming also you're familiar with the "View only" checkbox at the bottom of the custom field definition form - that would be how I'd create this field.


Yes it's intentional that there are no links if there's mixed record types in a profile. It's been like that for a LONG time: Also for reference: UPDATE: Based on the comments, I think this is what is desired: Create a profile ...


You could generate report using the Smart Group as your filter and save that report. The report can be used as a dashlet which is available upon login or you can have it emailed to you as well. More dashlet info is here:


We noticed the same issue, but it was only happening if eg we set a years for the past and not set one for the future. If we also added one for the future it worked. Our thinking is that if only is one set then the options are potentially infinite and hence the default +/- 10 kicks in


From the CiviCRM menu - Administer > Localization > Languages, Currency, Location. Select required countries from the 'Available Countries' option. CiviCRM help on this option - Which countries are available in the Country selection field when adding or editing contact addresses. Profile and Custom 'Country' fields also use this setting. To include ALL ...

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