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How to add Search Kit to CRM profile

(a) Under Administer - Users and Permissions - Permissions, you'll see a link for either Drupal Access Control or Wordpress Access Control depending on your CMS. Click that and see if the role has &...
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How to preserve the location of custom reports in the navigation menu?

Any menu item you create through FormBuilder is controlled by FormBuilder. So every time you clear the caches, the menu item goes back to wherever it is set in FormBuilder. Option one is to change the ...
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Is there a way in a custom report to only give the user certain choices in filters, e.g. only show them groups that belong to a parent group?

It turns out the filters option of the _columns is what I wanted, but civicrm_group is bit of a special case. The problem I finally stumbled upon is at the end of the __construct function is a call ...
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