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It looks like at the present time you will need to make a small hack to get the installer to be happy. The "does the server exist check" does NOT use the username/password and merely tries to connect as anonymous ( On azure this returns an error 9002, as opposed to the usual 1045 ...


Is it possible your civicrm_settings.php file is not writable, or is duplicated? If you run php_info() does it confirm that you're running MySQL 5.7? What is your OS?


Also see where the suggested fix is: ALTER TABLE civicrm_menu ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC Then rebuild the menus


Suggestions from various folks on chat include the following settings in my.cnf: innodb_log_file_size (may be too small by default) innodb_large_prefix=true innodb_file_format=barracuda I changed those and was still having issues. This setting fixed it for me (and may be due to the site running on MariaDB?). innodb_strict_mode=0


I've had an excellent experience using this extension: I needed a few small fixes for my purposes (include a limit parameter and removal of code that assumed extended logging is on), which you can see in my fork here: As I ...


One small gotcha with large deletions: MySQL may not free-up the space in the way you expect. The exact mechanics and numbers probably depend on the variant of MySQL and its configuration options, but just for a general sense: if the goal is to reduce the disk-usage of those tables on the active system by 75% (8gb to 2gb), then you might try to DELETE the ...


we have a custom overnight routine that copies data from civicrm_mailing_x and civicrm_mailing_event_x tables to duplicate tables with a archive namespace and then deletes the appropriate rows from the main tables. The biggest things is making sure that you adequately understand the relationships between the tables so you don't accidentally delete data that ...

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