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I don't think what you need is possible using the built-in iCal feed and a single event - not without writing an extension. However, perhaps @petednz-fuzion can chime in on the status of his yet-to-be-published extension which I think will meet your needs. You could create three events, use the extension to ensure that there's a single registration for all ...


As an alternate I feel you can create price sets that shows price field for each date (Label?). And tweak the calendar plugin to use price field to show event on three different dates


I feel this is very difficult to have it as part of Civi tar ball because there are many things we need to consider and come up with generalised solution. eg Algorithm to set start/end date when copying an event. How many org want this to change. Instead i would just create an extension that would provide an option(pop-up) to set start date and end date (...


Under Administer > Customize Data and Screens > Date Preferences you can adjust various date settings. In this case it's a little unclear but rather than changing the "Birth and deceased dates" setting you need to adjust the "searchDate" setting which is "Used in search forms and for relationships." The "Start offset&...

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