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Welcome to CiviCRM SE KLeeHK! I am not sure if you can suppress the translation of particular Smarty tags e.g. {$receive_date} or change the date format of only this occurence. The receipts can be edited under "System Workflow Message Template which you can find under "" However, you can globally ...


You can create a scheduled Activity with this contact. via the Actions button on the contacts Summary screen If you add the dashlet for activities to your dashboard, you will also be reminded of this whenever you log in until you mark the activity as completed.


If your administrator isn't willing to set up the scheduled reminders, then you could always just put a regular calendar reminder in your regular calendar.


There is a setting in Administer > CiviContribute > CiviContribute Component Settings that lets you change from the standard 10 days (you will need to tick the "enable tax and invoicing box to see it). But that doesn't get a fixed date. If you aren't using the invoices for something else then you could edit the "Contributions - Invoice" template in the "...

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