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I figured out that if you run composer config 'extra.enable-patching' true straight after composer create-project ... installation is going to work. Background: We have a scripted install which worked fine with 5.28.4 so I thought to upgrade to 5.30.1 but got the following message at cv upgrade:db vendor/bin/cv upgrade:db Found CiviCRM database version 5....


We had the same problem - I think it came down to CiviCRM being installed incorrectly. This is how the files sit in the now working copy: user@server /var/www/html/site/drupal $ find -type d -name civicrm ./web/modules/contrib/civicrm ./web/sites/default/files/civicrm ./web/sites/all/modules/contrib/civicrm ./web/libraries/civicrm ./vendor/civicrm user@...


The comment above is right - the answer for this is very much in flux, and this is a temporary hack - but nevertheless, if you need a REST endpoint today, you can do this: Copy the entire extern directories into your web/libraries/civicrm directory. Copy the template for civicrm.config.php into web/libraries. Here are the commands I used: cp -r <...


This looks like a change in 5.29. See It's signalling that somehow something isn't working with the way either the civicrm_entity module is setting the hook now or something about that change isn't working as expected. I'm not sure which.


I've noticed that sometimes in drupal 8 you have to clear drupal cache to get newly added civi menu links to be found.

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