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I've been updating it using the following: composer require civicrm/civicrm-core composer civicrm cv upgrade:db That is after making a backup first. Has worked for my installation.


In practice it's as simple as doing a composer update for the most part - assuming you're configured "sensibly" - the RoundEarth setup makes (or at least made!) some assumptions re: versioning that are not helpful for upgrading. So here goes: You should declare both civicrm-core and civicrm-drupal-8 in your composer json file. You should have the same ...


My experience with anything composer-ish seems to be: Struggle with it for a while until the site becomes messed up beyond repair. Restore from backup and struggle some more until it's messed up again. Create a brand new install and then copy over the sites/default folder and .htaccess and such. Replace the database with my backup. Run the upgrades.


Somebody who is searching for this answer can use the following civcrm extensions. and I have not tested "Activity Calendars" though.

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