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Jon has also answered the original question of how to install CiviCRM in its own database. Specifically, if you add the connection information in your settings file (before installing CiviCRM), it uses that, i.e. in settings.php add in: $databases['civicrm']['default'] = [ 'database' => 'civicrm', 'username' => 'mysqluser', 'password' => 'a-mysql-...


Its a bug in CiviCRM and is not handled properly for D8, you can fix this by applying below patch diff --git a/CRM/Report/Form/Instance.php b/CRM/Report/Form/Instance.php index 8f00408a17..965949e21c 100644 --- a/CRM/Report/Form/Instance.php +++ b/CRM/Report/Form/Instance.php @@ -112,7 +112,13 @@ class CRM_Report_Form_Instance { if (function_exists('...


Here's what I've been doing. I don't think it's the ideal solution and am curious if anyone else has a better way. Use the roundearth installer as normal to install the latest "numbered" version. (https://gitlab.com/roundearth/drupal-civicrm-project) Hack the vendor/roundearth/civicrm-composer-plugin/src/Handler.php file so that: (a) getCivicrmCoreVersion()...


I've set up a multisite with drupal 8 alongside a drupal 7 but not multiple drupal 8 sites. The existing drupal 7 documentation was enough to go off. Definitely would recommend trying it out on a demo site first.


This is a symptom of missing the bower_components folder, which should be in your CiviCRM module's root folder.

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