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4 votes

SearchKit - can I return the first four characters of a string?

I've put up a PR to make LEFT(), RIGHT() and SUBSTRING() available. If you don't want to wait for the release with these, just put a copy of those files into the right place. That will let you show ...
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3 votes

Drupal 9 View unable to display logged in User

As per the comment by jackrabbithanna, the solution in this case is to give the civicrm database user SELECT rights on the Drupal Database. I think it is an odd solution given the way I thought Views ...
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2 votes

Drupal 7 Views broken with upgrade to CiviCRM v5.69.2

Solved: For reasons that are still a mystery to me, installing the Drupal module civicrm_entity resolved this. The site has been running for years through many CiviCRM updates and this is the first ...
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1 vote

Custom views filter with civicrm_entity Drupal 9

After I dig a little bit deeper into views and view some other examples - now it works: if (!empty($this->value)) { $this->ensureMyTable(); // to get the tableAlias $configuration = [ '...
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1 vote

Getting aggregation to work in D9/D10 Views with CiviCRM relationships

It's grouping by civicrm_contact_civicrm_participant__civicrm_value_contact_c_1 which is the custom field row id, but it's not being group_concat'd in the select. So it's going to have a row for each ...
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