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I'm assuming you have the civicrm_entity module installed. There's an open pull request for this at If you're able to test out that patch and comment there on that PR it might get merged faster.


Welcome to SE! There's lots of useful advice from Luke in his answer but I'd start by looking at the CiviCRM log file. That error message is a bit misleading. It's not random luck as to whether an upgrade succeeds so restoring to the previous state and just trying the same upgrade code is very unlikely to produce a better result. The upgrade probably ...


You'll need to track down what caused your error first however. I'd take a copy of your database, potentially a backup of your "broken" database depending on whether this is of any use to you. The easiest way (assuming you are runnign on dev) is to drop the existing database, recreate it and reload your backup. The exact details for this will ...


Try upgrading civi to 5.28.4 as it should be fixed in this version

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