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The above answer of @Dermerit worked. Just need to fix the Read-only property. Before I could find this answer, I endlessly - changed file permission of Autenticated Users to Add more Permissions - Full Control , Modify and Write But, it did not worked, then, I changed the file permissions for Users - added more permission for User - Full Control , Modify ...


Are you using "native gettext"? If yes, the staging server might not have the locales enabled on the operating system (ex: dpkg --configure locales). The symbiotic extension might help debug the issue. There are extra status checks for common translation problems. Once enabled, go to Administer > Administration Console > System Status.


An organizational membership sounds like orgs are signing up for the membership in which case the relationship should be 'employee of' I think.


We would approach this using Groups. We have used OG extensively and built additional integration in terms of what drives creation of Groups and Group membership in D7, and are in process of looking at replicating in D9 currently. For example: Events creation of civi event triggers creation of Drupal Group registration of participent triggers adding user as ...


Based on feedback from Skvare's Mark Hanna on you need to rewrite the field output, using the _value version and add |raw in the twig. For the event description field, this looks like: {{ description__value__value|raw }}.

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