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I fixed this by disabling the Bootstrap theme and then re-enabling it. Other users had also had this problem, usually involving Shoreditch and/or Bootstrap.


You'll need database access and grant all permissions to the user 'pascrm49_drupa86'@'localhost' for the 'pascrm49_civicrm' database. Something like grant all on 'pascrm49_civicrm' to 'pascrm49_drupa86'@'localhost'; Theres probably an official direction somewhere but this is just to get you out of a bind if your civicrm install is broken.


Can you try this patch? More discussion in ticket UPDATE: should be fixed in 5.36.0


Welcome! What Masswear says is not right. You can have your website in wordpress and have CiviCRM in a Drupal installation. You can the connect your wordpress site to civicrm with a plugin called CiviMcRestFace. This plugin creates an api connection to civicrm. So you need an API key (of the civicrm user) and the site key. When you want to send signup forms ...


Welcome! If your website is made with Wordpress and you would like to integrate civiCRM with this website, you have to use the Plugin for wordpress. If you want to use Drupal, you will need to create the website with Drupal as well. You might want to look into this Wordpress-Plugin that supplies a theme for CiviCRM admin screens that is more in keeping with ...


As others point out, there are no clear answers. The number of simultaneous users is also an important factor. But here are some tips from my administration of a similarly-sized database: I run everything on a 4GB server. This is usually sufficient, but when my client had a very high-traffic event, I saw some monitoring warnings (though I couldn't detect ...


Ben's answer sounds like a really good extra tool for this. Just for the record other solutions include using Tags and CMS User extension Drupal Rules eg


Using Webform and Webform CiviCRM modules create a webform with the fields required for the user and their organisation to create the contact and organisation in CiviCRM. Then create a WebformHandler to programmatically create the user using the postSave() function. The WebformHandler is a single php file that needs to be saved in a custom module folder as: ...

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