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Those upgrade steps are updating particular fields in smartgroups. If you don't have any smart groups using those fields, it won't matter... but if those steps are failing it suggests you do have affected smart groups and those won't work correctly. You could delete those groups and recreate them. But the underlying question is why is the upgrade hitting ...


Lots of folks are responding in the comments, but I'll try to give a non-technical answer. Short Answer: You need to upgrade CiviCRM. Longer Answer: CiviCRM is written in a programming language called PHP. Over time, new versions of PHP come out. CiviCRM must be updated in response. It sounds like your webhost upgraded your PHP version to one that didn't ...


As per comments there were some leftover installed vendor files and removing composer.lock and the entire vendor folder and also web/modules/contrib/civicrm and then trying again clears it.

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