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The list of tokens you see when editing a template changes depending on where you're editing from. Unfortunately, CiviRules doesn't expose event/participant/contribution tokens in the drop-down - but if you use them in the email, they WILL work. To see the tokens you may want to use, create a new Scheduled Reminder (**Administer menu » Communications » ...


You can use find contact search or Advance search or find membership search. Perform search and then select the contact you want to export and from task drop down select export, and select 'Export PRIMARY fields' or 'Select fields for export' if you don't want all fields. Ref:


I presume that you are talking about bulk mailings. I have got this working for small volumes hosted on Siteground. I had a lot of problems originally with subfolders though can't remember the details. My solution was as follows. Outbound use mail() and in Administer>>CiviMail>>Mail Setting, set Mailer Batch Limit to 100 and Mailer Cron Job Limit to 1. With ...


Si esta usando el Cpanel deshabilite la opción "Protección de enlace directo" Edit - Google translation: If you are using the Cpanel disable the "Direct link protection" option

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