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According to the documentation they should look like WordPress (with Clean URLs):{contact.checksum}&cid={contact.contact_id} WordPress (without Clean URLs):{contact.checksum}&...


Assuming that you have correctly added an mail account for bounce handling in CiviCRM Mail Accounts and have enabled bounce processing for scheduled jobs (you said you had so that bit was more to help others who find this answer) then I hope some of below helps ensure the email account accepts ‘plus addressing’ go to your bounce inbox and confirm the email ...


Just insert as img and fill in the giphy url like


It is possible to define custom blocks to mosaico templates. To do this, you have to create an extension that provides a custom base template and implements the hook_civicrm_mosaicoBaseTemplates hook to register your template. In your custom base templates you can define custom blocks. I found these tutorials useful for understanding how the mosaico blocks ...

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