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That's a lot of rows examined, a red flag. Perhaps you could try it on a non-smart group instead? I'll guess you're doing the default export. Especially with some older CiviCRM versions, that generated much larger exports that you'd expect or want. Try specifying some specific fields instead and see if that runs much faster. Do tell what version of CiviCRM ...


Ok, I'm all out of ideas on this I'm afraid. I would probably try a few different export formats to see if its a particular one thats doing it. Check for any extensions - turn them off etc etc. Haven't seen this on a standard install.


Export the records from MS Access into a csv file and than import it into CiviCRM using CiviCRM UI import like Contact, Contribution, Membership etc. You map those contact using external identifier for reference.


I believe you install EXPORT TO NATIVE EXCEL or EXPORT TO EXCEL extension and find contacts and select export contact from actions list and export all primary fields or the fields you want to export. Export contact doc:


There’s a custom search available called ‘Custom Group Multiple Values Listing’ that allows you to search and export multi value fields – Search > Custom Searches > Custom Group Multiple Values Listing

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