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If you only want to customize the layout, you can override the Smarty template file. This is usually not recommended in CiviCRM, because it complicates upgrades and maintenance, but this specific template is fairly safe (most templates have too much logic/code in them and change often). You can also include custom JavaScript in templates (between 'literal' ...


Maybe you are looking for the postInstall hook? It is written in the example section: Another potential use is to act on settings or managed entities that are created during the installation (but not necessarily in order that you want them to be created)


I find the 'normal' way pretty ugly. listing the args by name in an array, then supplying the args, then needing to pass by ref a NULL/dummy variable for each of the remaining 6 or was it 7? arguments - this is ugly and error prone and passing CRM_Core_DAO::$_nullObject is risky as it allows the hook to overwrite that so it's no longer NULL. I think the ...

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