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Maybe others want to split the cost to improve FormBuilder's "Existing Contact" functionality?

It does provide an option to include a profile for creating on a contact reference field.
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How to send a notification email to a group when a form is submitted

If you create a CiviRule or scheduled reminder to trigger when an activity is created, and then the values you cannot include directly (like the CiviGrant), you could include as a link to the contact ...
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What does "You have requested a non-existent service "afform_scanner" mean during an upgrade?

Yeah, the Upgrade has been completed and that error normally occurs when trying to rebuild the Cache. Visit the extension page to check if there are pending patches Visit the CiviCRM admin console to ...
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Creating a Search Kit Contact Summary Tab for activities, how do you only display activities of a specific activity type for the contact being viewed?

It sounds like you are trying to add a tab to the contact summary screen to show activities? The latest version of CiviCRM includes the Admin UI extension which has just such a search all ready for ...
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