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The above answer of @Dermerit worked. Just need to fix the Read-only property. Before I could find this answer, I endlessly - changed file permission of Autenticated Users to Add more Permissions - Full Control , Modify and Write But, it did not worked, then, I changed the file permissions for Users - added more permission for User - Full Control , Modify ...


I think an answer is needed here that says something like 'it is not recommended to try hosting with low spec shared hosting such as hostgator or bluehost' Some documentation here


This has been discussed at so just updating this question with that conversation. The MySQL requirements for CiviCRM are: MySQL 5.7.5+ or MariaDB The full CiviCRM hosting requirements can be found Here Or you can have a conversation with one of the many partners to discuss hosting your CiviCRM. Partners Hosting


I have the exact same error, I installed on hostgator, 7.3php, Activated and hit either CivicCRM Installer or "CiviCRM is almost ready. You must configure CiviCRM for it to work." After seeing CiviCRM Installed sucessfully it jumps to "wp-admin/admin.php?page=CiviCRM&q=civicrm/admin/access/wp-permissions&reset=1" and i get Sorry, ...


I have the exact same problem on Bluehost Fresh install of WP v 5.7.2 PHP v 7.3.28 MYSQL 5.6.41-84.1 Crahses the same as yours with the same results I did notice in php.ini the max_ececution_time is 30 and should be 240 and max_input_time is 60 and should be 120 I don't kknow if this is the problem or not, but with over 13,000 files in civicrm it is hard to ...


Welcome to Stack Exchange and CiviCRM! The fact that civicrm_setting is missing from your database suggests that something went wrong during installation and the data wasn't loaded into the database at all. If you have access to view the database, check to see if any tables at all are installed. You may also get real-time help at ...

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