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Nice find. Thanks for posting. Yes the inner join is generally better than a subquery. To answer your secondary question, to get it merged you need to create a ticket at and then if you're able to also make an associated pull request at against master. See also https://docs....


The answer is that the meaning of that button changes depending on how the registration is set up and the text of the button doesn't change in line with that, unfortunately. I have a pull request in to fix this in future versions.


The fix passes: First pass: ALTER TABLE log_civicrm_activity_contact ADD INDEX index_activity_id (activity_id); With no further changes, this alone makes the above query go from 8 minutes to 1m45s. Explain plain: +------+-------------+-------------------------------+--------+-------------------+-------------------+---------+---------------------------------...


I'm also facing this problem (CiviCRM 5.3.0, WP 5.6.1, Avada 7.2.1). The CiviCRM-Javascript-Resources are not loaded at all. Disabling the Fusion Builder (so working with the regular WP editor) for the page where the CiviCRM-shortcode is inserted gets the resources loaded and the payment form working. We're still facing Avada layouts issues on the next page ...

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