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I figured it out. The aboutme.js file needs to be: (function(angular, $, _) { // Declare a list of dependencies. angular.module('aboutme', [ 'crmUi', 'crmUtil', 'ngRoute' ]); })(angular, CRM.$, CRM._); I also had to change the url from civicrm/a/about/me to civicrm/a/#/about/me. I had tried the # earlier, but the code was still incorrect, so ...


OK ... I haven't had to do this in a while, but I basically followed the troubleshooting steps in the SysAdmin Guide. Not sure which did the trick but I rebuilt the triggers, then deleted the templates_c contents (which I do on upgrades anyway) but also deleted the Config.IDS.ini file, which I didn't do. Anyway ... now the form appears and processes fine.

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