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I was able to create a script to revert in bulk. I needed to look up the log_conn_id value associated with the bulk change I made. I made the change using the API import, but any change that happens in a single connection can be reverted. Simply change the value of $log_conn_id in the script below, and change $tablesToRevert to include the table(s) that ...


It seems you already have is_active column added to civicrm_status_pref table. This was added in civi 5.19 version. From the backtrace, it seems the error is shown after civi tries to add the same column in the existing log table of civicrm_status_pref which is log_civicrm_status_pref. Try renaming this table to eg log_civicrm_status_pref_backup and then ...


There is an extension which will record exports using civicrm export from contact search. Unless you have this extension installed there really isn't a way to see if there were specific exports of information. More information on the extension can be found here

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