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It depends on what you are trying to do. If you want the complete removal of the contact, together with related entities (like address, activities, event participations etc.), then permanently deleting the contact will delete all the associated entities. If you just want to remove the change log for that 1 contact without deleting the contact, you can run a ...


You're correct that logging is at the database level. It seems like a bit of a loophole that it can be enabled-disabled on a per-domain basis. I would set it to TRUE on all domains to avoid unexpected behavior, but my guess is you'll only have a problem if you disable it on one site and expect it to continue working on others.


It's in civicrm_setting but if it's never been turned on it won't be there. But also it's more than just a setting - you would need to rebuild the schema and triggers. If you have cv installed you can do cv ev "Civi::settings()->set('logging', 1); $s = new CRM_Logging_Schema(); $s->enableLogging();" to do it from the command line manually.


This PR resolved this with an Exclude Summary Fields from logging? feature. When advanced logging is turned on, you can exclude Summary Fields from being logged to increase performance and reduce clutter.

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