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I experienced the same issue. I changed the resource urls from portable to absolute and that fixed the problem.


Fantastic, like Jon G - Megaphone Tech mentioned in the comments: I replaced the formerly working shortlink including my domain name with the internal link using the auto-generated "clients" structure for $civicrm_root (and in the following line with the templates_c link) in my civicrm.settings.php file and now finally the CiviCRM menu appears ...


Some things to try: Delete your templates_c folder. Press F12 in your browser to open the developer tools. Go to the Network tab, and reload the page. Check the status for any file that doesn't return with a 200 status. Also look for the l10n.js file. Open it in a new tab. Is there any additional text at the top that shouldn't be there? If you're not ...

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